Southeast Iowa Parrot Head Club

Southeast Iowa Parrot Head Club Parties with a Purpose

Parrothead Club Facts


  1. Just what is the Parrot Head Club all about?

    Many of our members are Phans of the leader of the

    Phlock…Jimmy Buffett. We aspire to live the lifestyle Jimmy

    writes and sings about. A simpler, laid-back lifestyle with tropical

    themed parties and other events to build comraderie, forget about

    the stresses of life for a few hours, and to “party with a purpose” by

    giving back to others in the community.

  2. What is with this crazy name?Parrot Head?

    Long ago, someone coined the term “Parrot-Heads” as the name

    for Jimmy Buffet’s crazy phans and it stuck. Today, there are over

    250 Parrot Head clubs around the world.

  3. If I joined what would I get for my money?

    For your money, we would hope you would get a chance to meet

    some people you have never met before in a fun setting with no

    strings attached. And, in addition to the social events planned,

    there will be opportunities to help clean up our local rivers and help

    determine where our charity monies will be directed. Members may

    also get opportunities in the future to obtain tickets for Jimmy

    Buffett concerts.

  4. How often do you plan to meet and what other ways can I find

    We plan to meet every other month for some type of social

    gathering. We also are working on a website, Facebook site, and we

    plan to have a newsletter “The Pineapple Press” that will most likely

    go out via email either monthly or quarterly.

  5. Just what are some of these ?events? you are thinking about?

    Here are a few we have kicked around:

    1.) Winter Beach Party! Probably held indoors (of course) with

    sand brought in for the event, a signature Buffett or Marley tribute

    band, and palm trees, volleyball, etc. Just might help everyone kick

    the winter blues! Open to general public.

    2.) Summer Beach Party! A few months after Steamboat

    Days...right before school starts…when it is really hot out….yeh…a

    beach party at someplace like the Port of Burlington, with the river

    in the background, maybe a barbeque contest, beach volleyball

    tournament, island attire clad patrons….you get the visual! Open

    to general public.

    3.) River Adventure: Many members have boats and we have

    discussed taking club members and their children out on a

    sandbar for a private “island party”. Members only.

    4.) River Clean Up: Jimmy Buffett is very big into

    environmental causes and Chad Pegracke from Living Lands and

    Waters comes to Burlington every year to clean up the river. We

    believe this would be a great project to be involved with. Members


    5.) Introducing Underprivileged Kids to the River/Boating: We

    have a lot of kids in the Burlington area who have never been on a

    boat or been on the river. We would like to start a program (similar

    to civil air patrol program where they introduce kids to flying) for

    kids to learn about the Mississippi and get a chance to go for a boat

    ride. Members only.


  6. How much does all this cost me?

    We are trying to keep this very low cost. Annual dues for an

    individual is $25.00 and for families is $40.00. We believe if you

    compare this to any local service club you will find it to be very


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